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An Old And Very Beautiful Edwardian Floral Painting on Glass - Floral 1



It was the tones of colour that attracted me to this lovely floral, the brushstrokes are gentle but expressional, it's the old textile designer in me that made me spot this delight.

A very beautiful, old floral painting on glass.  The study has been painted onto the outside of the glass and the reverse has been painted in a very pale grey.  Lovely condition considering this piece is over 110 years old.  The moulded frame is very lovely indeed and has been painted in a soft warm grey tone.

The reverse has been re-backed with brown paper at some time, but a previous owner has then pasted a fragment of the original newspaper backing onto this.  This paper is dated 1907 so the painting is at least 116 years old.  I have had this painting leant in my living room for a while and it looks beautiful against the passing early morning light. 

Size of frame measures is approx. 39cm x 69cm

It has a hanger to the reverse.
I also have a sister painting which is also listed within this shop window.
Will arrive via a 24 hour posting service.

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