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Large Precious Fragment of Old Amethyst




Very beautiful indeed.
Something so calming in the display of crystals, especially the appreciation of all the gentle tones and healing properties.  Far more lovely in detail then any photograph can project.  Perfect if you create still life arrangements within your home or place in a calming space and appreciate the curves, the rough and the smooth.  

Amethysts are said to promote serenity and calm. Those who work with crystals may use the gemstones as a way to help reduce your anxiety and perceptions of pain.

The length of this beautiful fragment is 14.5cm, width is 10cm
Very heavy in weight.
There is a residue of what appears to be hardened blue tac on the reverse where the amethyst was held in place.  I have sanded most away but there is still a little present.
This is an old piece and is a little dusty in the formations here and there.

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