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. T H E . F I R S T . P A G E .


The very first display of the year is always hard to curate.  It is like starting the first page of a new sketchbook. Before I even make a first mark I always surround myself with simple things that inspire me; books, objects I have collected, new drawing tools like sticks from the garden (I love drawing with sticks), a bottle of ink and a lovely newly sharpened soft leaded pencil. 

This collection is a celebration of that first page of the sketchbook, or the open space held by a blank canvas, or the first page of a new book and the smell of the fresh print.  All you need is a little natural light, a shelf of treasure and a calm palette to gently start a journey where you are not quite sure where it will take you.  All of the pieces collected here in this collection are interesting for their simplicity but so rich in how they can inspire.  They can be recreated into something quite special such as a still life within your home or a collaged moodboard or to simply own and bring a little pleasure to the day. 

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