Styling Board - Considered Delicate Composition (2)



I have created these considered Styling Boards for many years now and they are a regular addition to the store.  The idea behind these boards is to encourage you to style and add to them as you travel through the months and seasons.  The process to these boards is quite a lengthy one.  It takes a while to collect the base boards and components, the bases are then hand painted in at least three drying layers.  The composition is selected from a little box I have stored here that is filled with reclaimed old paper ephemera and such.  I then spend time on each board carefully considering space and layout, colour and texture, to evoke a calming mood. This latest collection of boards has taken a couple of months to finish, each week I spend a few more hours here and there on making two or three. 

This curated composition is a gathering of delicate old papers, antique lace, hand painted textures, reclaimed sections of book spines, found papers, cut flowers, antique prints and a vintage bull dog clip, all placed onto a reclaimed book cover.  All collated and assembled here in The Linen Garden studio and finished with a hand cut, digitally printed, silk butterfly.

Area space of base board is approx 16cm x 20cm.


All components are positioned with the clip or attached with very small pieces of white tac so you can keep changing the composition yourself.

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