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I am delighted to present to you This Hour of Mine

‘project one’
‘A Ribbon Journey’

'This Hour of Mine' is a creative project just for you , a way to help ensure you find those quiet moments, an indulgent hour here and there. As the warmer season arrives our days become longer....the simple pleasure of taking time, whether an hour a day or an hour a week, is an important part of the recipe for happiness, calm and creative well-being.  

The ribbon journey may take you a few hours, a few days or a few weeks to complete, make it personal, purposeful and enjoyable.  Like many projects sometimes it is not the finished product that is important but it is the indulgent moments of time you have taken for yourself, whilst sat in your favourite armchair listening to the radio, or sat in your comfy garden chair with the sound of birds as your music.

This project has been put together so you have an input to the design of the final product, enclosed in the box are the materials you need and ideas, images and tips to follow and be inspired by, all you need to add is a pair of scissors, needles, some thread and most importantly 'time'. you are making your pretty project remember to show me and others your progress by using the hashtag #thishourofmine.  This purchase also gives you membership to the supporting Facebook page that has been created specially for this project details are enclosed within the box.

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