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I am delighted to present to you the fourth edition of This Hour of Mine.

‘project four’ - A SEASONAL SMILE


'This Hour of Mine' is a creative journey just for you, a way to ensure you find those quiet moments, an indulgent hour here and there ... the simple pleasure of taking time, whether an hour a day or an hour a week, is such an important ingredient for relaxation and it pleases our need to make. A happiness found in every stitch made.

The start of each season brings with it the feeling of familiarity, like an old friend returning. It brings pleasure to the senses and a smile to the eyes. It can awaken inspiration that we have patiently been waiting for and it can leave a long lasting impression that takes time to fade. Experiences, moments, adventures, stillness, all come together to form our stories and embed memories that we will hold with fondness.  Some may travel the first steps of a season tentatively, some will embrace it with a confident giddiness and some will simply enjoy the breeze of change as it casts over our senses gently.

This project is about capturing this beautiful change of the season within our hedgerows, gardens, woodlands, parks … beautiful new growth of buds and foliage, seasonal blooms, fruitful berry branches and sculptured seed heads all mixed with added personal touches from feathers to paint brushes and interesting finds.

The sewing journey is the making of a collection of three beautiful ˜Vase Wraps“  

A Landscape  

A Floral Arrangement

A Textural Observation.

The collecting and styling will be a joyful daily/weekly task, all to be housed within your vessels of choice, in a chosen area of your home, your studio, or office and placed on a shelf, a corner, a windowsill or table. A seasonal journey, that will greet you with a smile each day.

The making of A Seasonal Smile comes with clear instructions, the project may take you a few hours, a few days or a few weeks to complete.  It is considered in its design and the first making stage has been constructed to take you as little as 8 hours or as many as 20 (and beyond) ... it is all dependent on the spare time you have and the seed stitching details you choose to apply.  There is no race to the finish line, no deadline, no competition to win, it is a simple indulgent, escaping and thoughtful project.  Sometimes it is not the finished product that is important but it is the indulgent moments of time you have taken for yourself, to work on the project, while listening to the radio or simply enjoying the peace and quiet.  You may have purchased this project with friends and have arranged to meet at a suitable, sociable time to work on your makes together, if so, enjoy your conversations and treasure each others company.

This project makes a perfect gift and can be sent directly to the recipient, just leave their name and address in the notes section when ordering.  It arrives in a pretty faded blue or grey box wrapped with a torn sari silk bow.


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