Antique Oil Painting on Canvas - Cora

Sold Out

Beautiful isn't she.

Another painting that I just had to bring back to the studio to stay a while, and beautiful portraits such as this are very hard to find these days.  She has been a welcome visitor to No17.  I have no information about her at all and have affectionately called her Cora for now.  


Painted in oil on stretched canvas by Linda De Witt Haugh in 1929.  Although this painting was produced in the late twenties the lady appears to be in a high neck Edwardian blouse. But clothes were made to last through decades depending on wealth.

Dutch origin (possibly) as the stretched canvas is made in London, but Windsor and Newton did export at the time.

The painting is just lovely and she isn't perfect but it is hard to find a painting these days without a few scars from a journey made.  There's two linear sections where the paint has broken away but the canvas mesh is still intact in places underneath, possibly has been pressed against another painting and the brass hoops from the hanger have damaged the painting as they are almost in line with each other.  There's a few other small areas where the canvas has been damaged.  But all part of the journey and the story.

Measures 48cm x 38cm 

Although the canvas is not placed within a frame there are brass loops and a wire hanger attached to the reverse so can be hung straight to the wall or leant on a shelf or cupboard top.

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