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I am delighted to present to you the second limited edition of This Hour of Mine

 ‘project two’ - THE CURATED WALL

'This Hour of Mine' is a creative project just for you, a way to ensure you find those quiet moments, an indulgent hour here and there.... the simple pleasure of taking time, whether an hour a day or an hour a week, is such an important ingredient to relaxation, mindfulness, a sense of calm and creative well-being.

This is a perfect opportunity to claim some personal wall space in your home or place of work, the garage or the shed…hidden on the back of a cupboard door or even surface mount your compositions onto a separate wooden board/in an old frame/or on a piece of heavy mountboard.  All your findings will gather together to curate your own miniature exhibition.  The box contains some ideas, suggestions and materials to help you on your journey.  You will need a space approx 1m x 1m max. this can be a smaller space if required.    

So, what will the inspiration to your exhibition be? 
Well, it could be the simple documentation of your chosen idea through found objects, drawings, markmaking, notes, collage and photography of … A past holiday … A favourite walk … Your garden … Your family … A memorable day … A still life … A self portrait … A special occasion ... A diary format to document the month/season (then the exhibition can be ever changing) … endless possibilities…

The ‘curated wall’ may take you a few hours, a few days or a few weeks to complete.  It has been considered and designed to take as little as 7 hours or as many as 20….it is all dependent on the spare time you have … There is no race to the finish line, no deadline, no competition to win, it is a simple indulgent, escaping and thoughtful project.  Sometimes it is not the finished product that is important but it is the indulgent moments of time you have taken for yourself, to work on the project, while listening to the radio or simply enjoying the peace and quiet.

I would love to see your progress ... a rather lovely extra layering would be to use the hashtag #thishourofmine to document your journey… and … I have also created a Facebook Group “This Hour of Mine – The Linen Garden” so we can build a lovely community where we can comment on each other’s projects and inspire each other - this is a private closed group and can only be accessed once you have purchased this project.



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