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Beautiful Large Silk Tree/Wreath Bow - Arrangement 6



I used to make these bows for the shop quite a few years back now and as each year arrives time always seems to be against me.  So over the last few weeks whenever I have had a spare hour I have sat in a quiet corner and made the odd collection or two.

These are made from fused antique silk saris, rustic silk ribbon and a chandelier clip bow, with a long waxed thread tie.

To give you an indication of size the main bow measures 20cm in width.


The bows are perfect to tie to the top of your tree, your mantle, a garland, a wreath or simple hang around the home in quiet corners.....

The silk tie tails can be cut to a required length if you wish.....

The bow you receive will be almost identical to the bow in the photographs but the placement of details may be different.


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