Styling Board - Trees - small


I have created these lovely Styling Boards for many years now and they are a regular and much loved addition to the store.  They are curated here in the studio, I only produce a limited collection each year as they take quite a long time to paint and gather.  This collection is a new curated series of boards that are inspired by antique pencil drawings and a beautiful etching that have been taken from my personal collection .  The idea behind these boards is to encourage you to style and add to them as the year travels through the months.  There's three prints in total for you to change around as the mood suits and they are lovely to place on a shelf, a cupboard top or hang from your wall.  I know some have collected the boards over the season and have a gallery of a collection of them down the wall of a hall or a display of many in a quiet alcove.  Each board is a one-off arrangement.

PLEASE NOTE: I have made 5 versions in this collection, you would receive one of these panels, the only difference between each is the way the painted papers have been torn and the antique printed reference number that has been pasted to one of the painted tissue panels. (Butterflies are not included but can be purchased as a 'make' pack over in the Make department).

Within this board there's a beautiful collection of 3 copies of tree studies that have been printed onto a watercolour paper that has been milled in the Lake District, tissue paper panels that has been hand painted, a piece of hand made paper, a reclaimed antique book cover panel that has been hand painted from the palette of the company Atelier Ellis, a wrap of antique linen thread and a small rose gold clip.

Size of board is approx. 13cm x 20cm


See photographs for details

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