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Incense - "Meadow"


White Blossom, Orange, Lemon Balm and Bergamot


A blend of scent that is reminiscent of a walk through a grassy meadow on a warm day with the scent of wildflowers awakened as you brush your hands across the waves of foliage and flora.

As all incense, the main scent is wood.

The scent notes are - White Blossom, Orange, Lemon Balm and Bergamot


A collection of long incense where scents have been applied with two separate layers of essential oils and fragrance. 

The scent has been applied with an artist's brush, to ensure the scent is applied evenly.  The incense has had two layers of scent to ensure a gentle aroma remains in your room after the incense has been burnt. Each layer has been left to dry naturally.


This pack contains seven long incense sticks, each measure 28cm and has a burn time of around an hour.

Light the end of the incense, allow the flame to dance for approximately 5-7 seconds, then blow the flame out.  What you should have remaining is a smoulder that sustains a gently scented woody smoke.  You can stand the incense in a specially designed holder, or place in a small found/vintage pot but remember to place the pot on a small plate or tile to catch the ash as it burns.  At home I use an old earthenware pot that rests on a Victorian tile.  


Essential Oils, a small hint of Fragrance Oils, White Blossom, Orange, Lemon Balm and Bergamot

Pack of 7

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