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Linen Stationery ~ Seating Plan Panels


Hand and machine stitched stationery designed and made here in The Linen Garden studio using vintage linens and cottons adorned with lace, buttons and cut flowers...

Here you are purchasing a panel per table + plus a panel for your header panel (if required)

(Please note the minimum of 6 is required per seating plan panel order)

All seating plan panels can be pinned to a fabric surface or pegged/pinned to a bunting line (approx. size 13cm x 9cm or 15cm x 10cm).

If choosing the fabric surface option it is recommended that the fabric is stretched around a canvas or heavy card base - The Linen Garden has a lovely collection of fabrics to compliment this range of stationery.

If choosing the bunting option you may wish to look at The Linen Garden's range of vintage lace and ribbon.

Firstly you need to purchase the quantity of panels you require.  If you have 6 tables + Top Table and require a header panel you need to order 8 panels in total).  An email will be sent to you, and correspondence regarding the styling of your day will begin.  Your stationery is designed to suit your colour palette and mood boards will be sent to you with the available fabrics and adornments for you to confirm.

Please allow 8 weeks for your order to be made.

Price above is per seating plan panel

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