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I am never one to throw anything away - even the trimmings from my makings.  So each year I make a lovely ribbon called 'Crazy Paving Ribbon' where I sew all my lovely left over edges of fabrics together - linen, barkcloths and cottons.  This little 'make-it-yourself' pack will deliver to you a bag of off-cuts and a little page detailing my technique to achieve The Linen Garden look.  This box of trimmings will make approx. 2-4 metres depending on how you use the techniques.  You can even add your own snippets of fabrics, lace and broderie.  The ribbon is perfect to wrap around floral vessels/jam jars for those lovely summer garden pickings (perfect for a wedding too)......or to edge lampshades and shelves or to use in your own creative makings.
All you need is a sewing machine....
Photographs here are an example of previous lengths made here in the and the fabrics you receive will differ from the fabric content shown here as it is a 'pick n mix system from my basket here in the studio.....
If purchased on its own this project will be send second class to make the postage cheaper for you (as it arrives in a box).

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