C O N S I D E R E D . A R R A N G E M E N T S . F O R . Y O U R . H O M E . A N D . W O R K P L A C E

IDALIA . Meandering Bag . from the 'Curated Prints' collection

Sold Out

A beautiful floral fabric 'arrangement' from The Linen Garden. 

When not in use simply hang on your wall like a painting.


Style: 'Curated Prints'

Width at widest point: 50cm

Limited Edition: 1

Outer fabric: made from early studio vintage, studio Sanderson, cotton sateen and printed vintage cotton in a lovely foliage screen print.

Inside Lining: Ticking Stripe in Pale Ecru and Dark Navy.

Handle: Arts and Crafts screen printed cotton scarf that can be removed to wash or changed to a scarf of your own to compliment your attire....

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