Perfectly Imperfect Old Marquetry Wooden Box


Another piece of treasure that took my breath away when I found it.  It is very old and is filled with imperfections from its amazing journey it has taken.  If, like me, you love old wooden boxes that hold stories then you will love the detailing within this.  Goodness knows all the people it has met and conversations heard.  The design is beautiful and it still has the original shell detail to the centre. Perfect to use in your work room or incorporate it into a beautiful styled set within your home.
Imperfections are mainly surface but there is a slice to the lid where the wood has cracked (although the lid is still well intact) and the base wood has a few splits, I have tried to show this in the photographs by holding the box to the light.  But with all these scars from its journey there is still many years left to enjoy.  I hope you can give it a home. Unsure of date but older than 170 years (please do let me know if you know).
All imperfections have been shown in the photographs.
Selling as found.
41cm x 25cm x 12cm in height.

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