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(floral layers)

Something new this year from The Linen Garden. 

I wanted to create something similar to This Hour of Mine, something that was a layer of inspiration mixed with the anticipation of not quite knowing what you will receive, like opening a gift, a gathering of small precious details.  Many of you love to create and style and so I am hoping you will love The Miniatures.  Each is a themed collection that will be available to purchase around the third week of the month with dispatch being between the 5-8th of the next.  This is a limited edition collection based on the antique and vintage ingredients available, so once all are all sold they cannot be re-sourced and assembled.

Each box for July's edition will contain a collection of beautiful painterly imagery printed onto silk as well as detailed paper ephemera; antique, vintage and new.  Any new print produced will be taken from items I have purchased here in the studio such as an old hand embroidered sample, French hand painted design work, the edge of an old lingerie box, the spine of a book……  There will also be enclosed the odd interesting panel of antique fabric, lace, haberdashery, threads, hand painted papers and stickers, buttons and anything else that I think you will find of interest.

Just a simple and wonderful collection of delicious details to help you construct interesting pages in a journal or sketchbook, create a miniature artwork to be framed, incorporate in general collage work, embroider into the surfaces or keep as a styling box to use within your own photography such as flatlays. Re-arranging these pieces in multiple ways, before using them to photograph interesting compositions, is just a fabulous way to engage with the ingredients to start.   

There is no project to work through, just a box of beautiful pieces, panels and fragments for you to use as a starting point to create something wonderful.    You may wish to start a new journal or sketchbook and use these Miniature boxes as a perfect way to spend an hour or two each month to create a series of pages as the weeks progress. 

I hope you love the idea of The Miniatures and enjoy the contents as much as I have enjoyed sourcing the details for you.  So, there is time for you to order that new sketchbook or start making the base to a new journal before your box of loveliness arrives.

The images here show a small example of some of the contents of this months box.  The collection arrives in an A4 presentation box.


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