Styling Board - Birds (one)


I have created these pretty Botanical Boards for many years now and they are a regular addition to the store.  The idea behind these boards is to encourage you to style and add to them as you travel through the months and seasons.  There's three antique prints in total for you to change around as the mood suits and they are lovely to place on a shelf, a cupboard top or hang from your wall.  I know some have collected the boards over the seasons and years and have a growing gallery of them down a wall of a hall or a display of many in a quiet alcove.  Each board is a one-off arrangement and the composition will never be repeated so you are purchasing a bespoke piece.

Within this board there's a beautiful collection of 3 antique prints circa 1911, a vintage fabric panel, strip of hand painted tissue paper, an antique bird print, a clip board that has been hand painted from the palette of the company Atelier Ellis, antique broderie lawn panel, antique paper piece that is hand written with numbers and a cut out floral fabric decorative.

Size of board is  17cm x 25cm

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