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The Botanical Wall - A collection of Antique Prints (1)

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A beautiful collection of 16 antique floral prints, reclaimed from damaged books.


I have been collecting these prints for years in tones of yellow with the intention of papering a full wall in with them in my home.  It has taken me so long to collect them that my colour scheme has now moved on to another hue!!!


So here they are in sets of 16 for you to either create a panelled section on your wall or collect more than one set and do the same idea by fixing them with glue or tacks to a selected wall of your own.

Publishing date of these prints vary from 1926-1928

Size of each print is approx. 12cm x 18cm The full size when placed together is 60cm x 90cm when placed right next to each other - larger if the spacing is greater.

Please note due to the prints journey and age there will be slight light changes to the paper and the odd small storage mark.







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