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I am delighted to present to you the sixth edition of This Hour of Mine.



'This Hour of Mine' is a creative journey just for you, a way to ensure you find those quiet moments, an indulgent hour here and there ... the simple pleasure of taking time, whether an hour a day or an hour a week, is such an important ingredient for relaxation.

We all hold a fondness to the landscape.   From a memory captured while walking, a moment sat on the shingled edge of the beach, even landscapes imagined when listening to stories of others are all held close to our hearts for fleeting or deeper reasons. 

Being aware of the season, the elements, the sense of the sun, the rain, the mist; the smell of the new blossom, the damp earth and freshly mowed grass can bring a comfort hard to find in the everyday.  This beautiful project has been designed for you to capture these feelings, to produce a creative series of small responses through the art of collage.  Immerse yourself in working onto small scale panels and the details that can be taken from paper, the stitched mark, small snippets of fabric, dyed textures and grounds and fragments of lace.  An enjoyable journey exploring all the many layers to landscapes, layers that bring a sense of happiness and visual contentment.  The sentiment is touching in its detail and purely what you are feeling at the time of making, it may lead to the writing of a letter, a poem or message. 

You may choose to produce a composition for friends and send notes of sentiment using the envelopes and hand made papers enclosed within the project.  Decide to produce a series of studies and pin your final works to create an exhibition of sorts/a display on your wall.  Or arrange these studies on a shelf or mantle with found objects from walks taken whilst observing the landscape.  You may choose to frame your collages and give as gifts or take a longer explorative walk and create one large pieced collage.   You may even be inspired to take a direction of your own introducing your own photography, sketches, drawings and additional materials.

The making of  Landscape & Sentiment may take you a few hours, a few days or a few weeks to complete.  It is considered in its design and materials for the making stage has been collated together to take you as little as 8 hours or as many as 20 (and beyond) ... it is all dependent on the spare time you have and the details you choose to apply … There is no race to the finish line, no deadline, no competition to win, it is a simple indulgent, escaping and thoughtful project. 

You may have purchased this project with friends and have arranged to meet at a suitable, sociable time to work on your makes together, if so, enjoy your conversations and treasure each other’s company.

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