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I am delighted to present to you the TENTH edition of This Hour of Mine. A limited edition making project for your home or for your work place.


'This Hour of Mine' is a creative journey just for you, a way to ensure you find those quiet moments, an indulgent hour here and there ... the simple pleasure of taking time, whether an hour a day or an hour a week, is such an important ingredient for relaxation.

I adore the preciousness of watching the arrival of Spring.  The enlightenment of the senses, at this time of year, just awakens something in me.  I seem to observe more, appreciate more, have a deeper sense of love for those dear to me (even when I don’t think my love could be any deeper).  The arrival of this season seems to open a beautiful gate to a meadow of emotions that brings so much to my attention. 

This edition of This Hour of Mine is to celebrate just that.  To transform a corner of your home or place of work to produce a ‘collecting table’ that curates all observations as the Spring season awakens and travels to the arms of Summer.  

Contained in this box are a collection of ingredients to help you create your collecting table/shelf/or cupboard top.  Where you choose to create your exhibition of Spring to Summer  is entirely your choice, but ensure it is a place that you can see so your visual conversations are regular and ever changing.  You may wish to add paintings, fabrics, photographs to your vignette to keep the space evolving and changing through the season(s).

The making of  ‘Spring Joinery’ may take you a few hours, a few days or a few weeks to complete and the journey may last many months.  The making stage has been collated together to take you as little as 6 hours or as many as 15... it is all dependent on the spare time you have and the details you choose to apply … There is no race to the finish line, no deadline, no competition to win, it is a simple indulgent, escaping and thoughtful project. 










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