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POSTAGE: Due to the size of most designs each individually would have to be sent as a small parcel.  Therefore more than 4 purchased it may show as the parcel being sent with Parcel Force and weighing beyond 2kg.  Please be ensured that even if you purchased 10 designs it would still only be £4.70 to post and any excess postage charges will be immediately refunded.  This stands the same for international orders, don't be alarmed if the postage charge is high, all designs would fit within the weight of a small parcel even if you purchased the whole collection and again an over charge on postage will be refunded.......xxxxx

Have you ever wondered how all those pretty floral prints that adorn your dresses, scarves, shirts and skirts start their life?  Well this department is totally dedicated to that story. 

I have been very lucky to acquire this rare portfolio/archive from an old French textile studio, designs that have been either hand painted or are old original screen printed designs from the 1920's to the early 1980's.  This find is particularly exciting for me as this is a chapter from my previous life where in the early 1990's I pottered as a freelance textile designer and would work in exactly the same way as this.  Spend hours producing drawings and paintings from florals and architecture and anything I found inspiring and then developed them into motifs and designs for both fashion and furnishing designs.  These designs would then have hours invested in them as each was hand painted into repeated designs, fitting into the measurements led by the industry.

Designs would be taken to Trade Shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York and sold to fashion design companies from around the world.

It is a privilege to own this collection.  Some of these designs still have the original copyright stamps and colour notes hand written in detail.  Truly wonderful pieces, individual one-off paintings or sample screen prints produced by hand and no one else will have a design exactly the same as you.    


PLEASE NOTE: These designs have been stored in an old portfolio for some time and have also been viewed at many a trade show so shows signs of many a journey.  There may be the odd mark or two, or hand drawn measurements, the design studios stamp, hand written notes, creases, folds or small tears to the edges. 

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