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Vicky Trainor - The Linen Garden...since as early as I remember my time has been filled with the simple acts of drawing, making, creating, arranging, filing, organising, hoarding, collecting, day-dreaming and generally meandering through days...

...all this time, a true investment, as I have seamlessly taken each act through to adulthood and collated them all together to form my 'profession'.  I don't think there is one definitive word that can describe my day-to-day job.

The Linen Garden is the name I affectionately call my studio.  It is a place where I can easily lose hours and even days, not one decorative day is ever the same.

The Linen Garden store has been designed to be a 'department store for creatives and gatherers'.   A department store where you will find you have favourite floors and departments and shelves.  Inside is a fine display of hoardings, new finds, and the studio makings.  With every visit I hope you discover something to take home with is a store where you can call in for 5 minutes for that special little gift or supplies or make yourself a cup of tea and stay a while and wander.

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