Day . to . Day



...since as early as I remember my time has been filled with the simple acts of drawing, making, creating, arranging, filing, organising, hoarding, collecting and generally meandering through days.   This time, I now realise, had been a true investment as I have gradually taken each act through to adulthood and collated them all together to form my 'profession'.  I don't think there is a single definitive word that can describe this day-to-day job of mine.

The Linen Garden is the name I affectionately call my studio.  It is a place where I can easily lose hours and even days, not one decorative day is ever the same. I am beyond passionate about continuing the journey of all these old, beautiful pieces. Decorative items and painted observations, all originally created by artists, practitioners, designers, craft and trade apprentices, all considered and carefully made.  Isn't it wonderful that an old vase, that now sits quite happily on a kitchen table, has lived in so many different homes, listened in on so many conversations through the decades of its life, has been admired by so many visitors and used for an assortment of occasions.  It is an absolute privilege that we can be part of their travels and help all these treasured stories continue their journey.  

The Linen Garden maybe only (currently) online but I always imagine it as a wonderful red bricked building, with a single leaded shop window that sits at the top of a steep cobbled street.  Walk through the old wooden front door, painted in a deep smoked rose pink, to an array of shelves and cupboards and still life arrangements, all displayed to inspire.   A department store where you will find you have favourite floors and departments and shelves.  With every visit I hope you discover something to take home with is a store where you can call in for 5 minutes or stay a while to browse and lose hours, just like I do...enjoy the details.

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