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Panel of Reclaimed Antique Hand Made French Patchwork - 4



Last month on my buying trip I purchased this amazing, large hand made patchwork bedspread, an absolute joy.  It was damaged in areas and with most fabrics I always launder as soon as any item arrive back here.  So this lovely patchwork is now in sections because after a wash areas disintegrated as the fabric was weak. 

These panels here though are in good structural condition, although there may be the odd small tear/hole and mark from its journey.  The panels are all individually machine sewn together by a domestic winder/possibly treadle sewing machine and in such lovely varied fabrics that would have been made from old worn clothes or hand me downs.  Just these sections alone contain hours of laboured construction, hours of conversation while stitching and probably travelled through a decade or two while being assembled.  Some fabrics have faded to the front but are brighter on the reverse, I always adore the seaming of the reverse and this is interesting to use within your work.

A beautiful panel to use within your own work or deconstruct and re-use the wonderful varied old French cotton fabrics.

To give you an idea of scale the width measures 28cm at narrowest point

Approx 120/140 years old.

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