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Exquisite Old Reclaimed Needlepoint - Floral Panel 2


I acquired a small collection of needlepoint on my travels, there are more examples currently in this department. I have kept one for myself to recover a stool I have.  This was one of those finds where you make a sharp little squeak when you find it.  Especially if you have a textile addiction like myself.

These wonderful examples of needlepoint are hard to find these days of this condition, design and colour.  This particular design has been executed in a mix of wool based thread and then a finer strand has been used within the centre that also incorporates a cotton, both weights of stitch look very beautiful together.  In fabulous condition for age.  This has been reclaimed from a large footstool but it is still in fabulous condition.

Widest and longest points measure 68cm x 56cm

Approx 120 years old.

I have taken lots of photographs so you can see all the detailing.  So many hours laboured to produce such a beautiful panel.  Either use to recover a seat or hang on your wall with small pins like a painting.


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