Hand Painted Floral Templates & Threads - Gathering 30


When I visited the Antique & Vintage Textile Fair, held by The Textile Society, in Manchester last week I was rather lucky to be able to purchase these amazing hand painted design templates.  They originally come from an old textile mill in Yorkshire and are the first stage of the design process to produce the rotary screens for rugs.  (Even the guide grid lines have been hand drawn).   Amazing aren't they.

I knew I could create them into some form of project for you, or suggest a project at least.... 

So creatively I see them being stitched into with either cross stitch or series of straight lines working within each square to form an amazing artwork.  Therefore I have included a wrap of threads to help you start, may I suggest that you unwind the thread to a single or double thickness so that the stitches are finer, or you may choose to use a variety of weights of threads and stitches through out.  Feel free to explore with your own threads too.

You could also incorporate them into pages of your own journals and sketchbooks.

You could cut and tear them into a collage project.

Or you could simply frame them.

I have included a wrap of 5 varied DCM Threads with this collection (approx 7-8 metres), these tones are actually wrapped around a hand painted colour palette bar that came with the original templates.  

To give you an idea of scale each individual painted square is approx 4mm x 4mm.

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