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Old Letterpress Book - As It Is In England


This is a very lovely book.  The author has written ...
"I have not written an account of anyone journey through England, nor have I made any attempt to describe the scenes along any one route.  I have made no reference to cities as they do not interest me.  I have, however, gone where can best be found those places that give England her individuality".

"It is in such as these that are found the fascinations and the differences of England.  And to some of these places that are different, and are either interesting or beautiful I have tried to take the reader".

Pressed print, hand town edges, interesting chapters make this book a gorgeous one to place by your armchair.  The book is in good condition but an early page has been repaired with paper tape.  See photographs.

The book measures approx  17cm x 24.5cm when closed.
Handwritten gift note on the inside dated Xmas 1913.

First edition.  Published by McBride, Nast & Co.

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