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Old Perfectly Imperfect Miniature Landscape Painting - Oil on Canvas


A beautifully detailed, small painted landscape, oil on canvas.  This is such a wonderful miniature painting of a flowing river passing a house, there's two people stood on the bridge chatting and watching the river flow by.  Details of the trees etc are exquisite.  Perfectly imperfect with a hole to the right, a worn area that is just about to become a rip where the painting may have been damaged by the corner of another painting leaning into it.  A very old painting, approx 170/180 years old.

Perfect for those who love to study technique.
The size of the paper is 23cm x 17.5cm

Aesthetically beautiful and would look just perfect as part of a still life on a shelf or cupboard top.  Paintings like this are a rare find.

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