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Old Print - Vlaminck - Vase With Flowers


A very lovely old reclaimed print reproduced from a painting by Maurice Vlaminck titled Vase with Flowers.

'In March, 1901, Maurice Vlaminck told anyone who would listen that he loved Van Gogh better than his own father.   Van Gogh's painting confirmed to him that his belief in the salvation of painting lay in the unrestrained use of colour.  "Instead of seeking to reproduce exactly what I have before my eyes, I make use of colours in a more arbitrary manner in order to express myself forcefully".'

Printed in 1959, by Beaverbrook Printers, London.

Measures 25.5cm x 18cm

This print has been pasted onto grey board (unseen), which means it is very sturdy and can be leant against a shelf or wall for display.

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