Precious Fragment Gatherings from the 1700's to the 1940's - Collection No.14

Sold Out

When I am out on buying trips to fairs and little visits to antique shops I am always on the look out for details to place in these lovely little arrangements.  I adore how pieces from varied design periods and eras can come together to create a mood, a story, a collage painting.  You may decide to just keep as a collection to own, or maybe use in a project or two, even enjoy simply pinning to a pin board or wall to create an art piece in a quiet corner of your home to continue the journey of these found pieces.

These collections take quite a while to construct.  The base fabrics that you can see have been slowly reclaimed.  Me and my Mum have sat for hours unpicking patiently these layered patched fabrics from an old quilt that was first hand stitched together in the 1700's and then had further patches and mends with fabrics from the 1800's.  These fabrics because of there age are pretty fragile so I would treat them like paper in use and intention.  

It is only every now and then that I will set aside some time to create these gatherings at intervals throughout the year, so enjoy them while they are here.

This is a gathering of inspiration that may include preciousness such as:

Old French fabrics from the late 1700's -Early 1800's.
Antique lace panels.
Old postcard.
Vintage wallpaper panel.
Old cigarette cards.
Hand written reclaimed paper from an old journal that dates from the late 1600's to early 1700's.
Vintage hand painted textile design.
Old buttons.
Antique beaded Edwardian netted panel.

A collection of beautiful details that is perfect to place in your making drawer, on your pin board, or to use in varied projects and style around your home.  

To give you an idea of general size of components, the overall layout is within an area space that measures approx 45cm x 50cm.  Some details are hidden in layers so the area space is a little larger than stated when all laid out unfolded and flat.

Lots of fine details to explore and if all were sold separately here in The Linen Garden they would add up to £70-£90, so enjoy while these arrangements are here.

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