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Rare Bespoke Old Screen Printed Linen


A lovely screen printed old linen union. There is now makers stamp which makes this possibly a bespoke piece printed by a studio. The selvedge is very narrow, just a few mm so the design almost runs to the edge of the fabric. The feel of the print has a slight stained glass touch to it due to the placement of the white which is very lovely indeed.

This is directly off the original bolt so will need either an air or a launder if required.  In very good condition for age.  The reverse is very beautiful too. I adore large panels of fabric simply hung in the garden in the Spring and Summer to form areas of 'portable shade'.

Approx 90 years old.

Size of one corsage panel is approx. 62cm x 44cm in length
Size of two corsage panels is approx. 62cm x 88cm in length (would make a lovely short table runner)

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