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Old Oil Painting on Canvas - Poppies in Blue Vase



A very beautiful oil painting, beautiful in tone and composition.  The colour is wonderful, the reds compliment the neutral tones and that blue of the vase - just a delight!!!!

Approx 90/100 years old. Signed but not dated.

If like me you love your paintings to have character then you will love this oil. Happiness.  Cheeryness.  A Thirties style.  A confident hand.

Condition: The canvas and frame has been made by hand but the canvas has not been fully stretched over the edge at the top which has caused the painted to have a little sag to the top left.  There is also an indentation to the top middle that has formed a break in the canvas and just near is another indentation but this appears as a mark and not a hole, it was saved by the frame being under the canvas at this point. There is also a sag to the bottom right corner. There is also a few little indentations to the bottom too. So it has been on a journey or two but is still a delight to the eye for many years yet.

Measures 50cm x 39.5cm

The painting will be wrapped well and posted on a 24 hour service.

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