Floral Painting - Beautiful Vintage Hand Painted Textile Design - Corsage




Beautiful isn't it!!!! This would make a wonderful styling prop as well as simply hanging on your wall.

I was beyond excited when I discovered this artwork.  My background is in textile design, the old fashioned way before computers, where ideas and designs had to be executed by hand and laboured over for hours and days.  This piece is so beautifully hand painted in gorgeous natural tones and would be perfect to have framed or simple attach to the wall with a series of tiny tacks.  It still has the colour seperation on the bottom.  This is for a rug/carpet design.  There's a few marks from its journey and the design has a join to the centre where two pieces of paper have been overlapped and there is a crease across the paper where the design has been folded (the design will arrive folded to you in the post).  I have purchased a series of panels and I have kept one aside to actually tack onto my wall in the living room (just have to find some space!!).  This has been stored in a portfolio so the edges have been scuffed or torn.  I have shown this design as portrait but it actually is to be viewed landscape but works either way.

The base paper measures 95cm wide 51cm in length. 

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